Wesley Tauranga

What Make's Us Tick?

We believe that:

  • God created all things with a loving purpose
  • Jesus, who is the Christ, is the human expression of god's love at work
  • We are born so that we may discover God's love, alive and active within each one of us
  • We are called to recognise the inherent dignity and worth of every human being
  • The good news of the Gospel offers hope, wholeness and well-being for all
  • There is no right living unless it is lived out in care for others and creation
  • Everyone is uniquely gifted by God and called to share those gifts in loving service

John Wesley

John Wesley emphasised the close bond between being and doing; he believed that personal transformation and social action went hand-in-hand. Our theology, beliefs and faith are informed, and in turn transformed, by our everyday lives.

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The Scallop Shell

We are both formed and informed by our Methodist roots. The scallop shell that symbolised pilgrimage in Wesley's day suggests to us an ever-evolving understanding of the Gospel as we journey into fresh understandings - led by God's grace in 21st century Aotearoa New Zealand.


We are a community of vulnerable people, on a journey of hope, inquiry and faith.

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Come and walk with us!